Apple body shape

Apple Body ShapeWhat to wear when you have an apple body shape?

If you have broad shoulders, slim legs and not too much of a waist you have an apple body shape or figure. It is also considered a carrot shape too. Mainly because of the description of both fruit. The big question is, what do you wear when you have an apple body shape. Here are a few things to consider when getting dressed.  Apple body shapes need balance, so you have to create balance by making hips look rounder. One way to do this is to wear shirts that stops at your hips. Another way is wearing halter tops ,v-neck shirts, and halter dresses.  Now that we have covered the top portion of the apple body figure, it is time to talk about the bottom portion . The best fit for jeans and pants for an apple body figure  are straight leg, flared leg, and Boot cut works too.  Always keep in mind that pockets are a plus on your pants and your jackets. Now skirts should be cute, flared  and pleated  in order to accent your shape. These are just a few helpful hints on how to accent your body type. Next time we will be talking about the pear shape . As always call Elevations Salon for tips and hair care. Call us at  864-286-0555, email us at  or check us out on