Damaged Hair

Damaged HairHello again, today we are going to talk about damaged hair. Damaged hair consistence of dry, brittle, broken, split-ends, frizz,dull and the list goes on. There are many different words to describe damaged hair. Mainly because their are many different ways to damage your hair. Here are a few ways : lack of nutrition, frequently use of chemicals , using heat without heat protectant, using too much heat, using the wrong products, detangling the hair improperly and not getting proper conditioning treatments. When your hair is damaged it is important to seek a professional stylist to get your hair back on track. If you wait it could be too late and you may have to start over. Things you may want to look for, shedding every time you comb your hair, any breakage during shampoo, very dry hair or scalp. It is important to know the difference between healthy shedding and unhealthy shedding. Healthy shedding is about 60 to 100 strands a day. Unhealthy shedding is is more like 200 strands,or a hand full of hair a day. This is when you know your hair is damaged. If you are experiencing this you should call right away. Be prepared to let the stylist know what you are using in your hair as well as the history of your hair. Your stylist is a hair doctor. We need as much info on your hair as possible. If you have any questions or want to make an appointment give us a call at Elevations Salon : 864-283-0555.