Transitioning to natural hair

samsung-pictures-543Today we are talking about steps to Transitioning to natural hair.

The first and most important step is to stop relaxing or straightening your hair. Avoid using heat when transitioning to natural hair. Your ends should be trimmed more frequently to get rid of damaged ends.  It is necessary to get a deep conditioner once a week. Natural hair tends to be very dry,and this is a way to keep it moisturized. Don’t forget to get your hair treated by getting a protein treatment once a month. The protein treatment will help strengthen the natural hair and prevent any shedding,and breakage. It is important to use a wide tooth comb when detangling your natural hair. This will prevent pulling or breaking the hair. Remember to sleep with a silk scarf or satin bonnet. Wearing protective styles will help with your transition hair, an up-do style is a good way to go.  Always keep your ends moisturized at all times. During your transitioning you should  be very patience, and accept your natural curl pattern. If you have any questions or need an appointment call us at 864-283-0555.  Check out our website at