Proper Application of strip lashes

Proper Application of Strip Lashes

Learn how to apply strip lash extensions

Hello ladies, today we are talking about the proper application of strip lashes. Strip lashes are used to enhance a person’s makeup application without doing something that will last long term. When applying strip lashes you need a good brand of glue and a pair of amazing lashes. Lash glue comes in black, white and gray. Black lash glue would be my recommendation. The black glue is not to be mistaking with bonding glue. Applying strip lashes should be the last step in makeup application. You will want to apply a light amount of glue to the strip lashes. Allow the glue to become tacky feeling. Then use tweezers to apply the lashes right above the natural lash line, but not on the eyelid. Use the tweezers press the lashes to your natural lashes. Once the lashes are applied, use a mascara to blend with your natural lashes . This will complete the application process.

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