Hair Care

Relaxed Hair Care Services Price List - ( services include shampoo & Deep Conditioner)

Wrap, Roller Set or Flatiron Style.

This service is for relaxed clients only. You will receive shampoo, conditioner, scalp care, and one of the 3 styles listed above. Natural clients please see natural hair care tab.


$45 & up

1 hr 30 min

Cut & Style

This services is for relaxed clients which includes shampoo , conditioner,  custom cut and style. Natural clients please see natural hair care tab.

$60 & up

1 hr 30 min

Men Hair Cut & Shampoo

This service is intended for Men hair cuts, which include shampoo massage , clipper or shear cut.

$20 & up

30 min

Formal Hairstyles (updo’s)

This service include shampoo, conditioner, and prep for updo, and updo finish. this include rollers, flatiron, or pined up. This is for relaxed clients. Natural clients please see Natural hair care service tab.

$55 & up

1 hr 45 min

Straw and Spiral Sets

This service includes shampoo, conditioner and desired straw or spiral set. This will give you a new look as well as giving you the option of freedom that get up and go feeling. Your hair will have plenty of moisture locked in it.

$65 & up

1 hr 45 min

Additional Hair Treatments (for an additional cost)

Nixion Scalp Treatment – $25 & up
Protein Hair Repair Treatments – $5 & up
Custom Conditioner Treatments – $10 &up
Therapeutic Shampoo Treatment – $5 &up